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Everyone who walks into our centre can't help but drift towards the kitchen in search of a sample of the many culinary delights that our cook is preparing..


Our centre uses a program called ChildCarers to keep you informed about your child's day. From daily emails to pictures and news on the free app.

About Us


Kellyville Ridge Pre School & Long Day Care is a purpose built centre which has been extremely well received by the hundreds of parents and children since it was opened. We are committed to quality and believe it takes a community to raise a child.
We use technology extensively throughout the centre. This ensures the staff have more time educating the children rather than completing paperwork. We also provide daily updates for each child and the parents get their own website along with an app that provides notifications each time there is information shared with the parents.

Quality Care

We are a privately owned 58 place Preschool & Long Day Care Centre that caters for children from 6 weeks to
6 years.

Long Hours

7.00am until 6.30pm
Five days a week.
Five hot or cold meals provided each day from breakfast to late snack.

CCB Approved

Provider Number:
407 120 047X
Contact Centrelink:
136 150

Sun Smart

Cancer Council NSW approved sun screen is provided for all children when playing outside.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the Kellyville Ridge Pre-School & Long Day Care is simple - we aim to provide children with a warm, caring, nurturing and educational environment. Children who attend our Centre will be encouraged to explore their world in a safe and caring way, being guided by staff that are sensitive to the needs of children and the environment, developing independence and positive self-esteem. This will be achieved through positive interactions and treating all children and their families equally at all times. Respect will be shown to all who attend the Centre.

Children learn through play and we will facilitate this learning through the provision of a range of activities, which encourages children to participate and learn new skills. The centre will provide an educational program to prepare children for schooling years, where appropriate. They will learn how to play and socialise with other children, they will develop an early understanding of their world and the environment, an ability to question and explore, independent living skills and socially acceptable behaviour, in addition to pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-mathematics.

All Children will be positively guided towards appropriate behaviours through the provision of consistent limits and guidelines, which are appropriate to their age and stage of development, and self-control will be encouraged through warm and positive interactions with staff.

Our Loaction

Our Community


Providing great care is important to us! We would like to personally thank those parents who have taken their time out to say some kind words about our service.

Kellyville Ridge Long Day Care provides what we are looking for – a caring nurturing environment, the right balance between learning and fun, a centre that offers flexibility in their approach and one that is willing to listen and act on parent feedback. But to us, the best they have to offer is the Staff – they make the difference. They give us the confidence to leave our most precious treasure – our daughter – in their care".

Tony & Angela Hanly

I am very happy to provide the following reference. My child has been attending Kellyville Ridge Pre-School and Long Day Care for two years. The owner, Neal is very trustworthy, professional, responsible and helpful and always more than happy to discuss any issues or concerns that may arise.
The Staff of this Centre are diligent, kind and sensitive in caring for my child and always display compassion towards the children.
I appreciate the careful consideration in choosing quality child care and I would have no hesitation in recommending Kellyville Ridge Pre-School and Long Day Care Centre. I am thoroughly satisfied with the child care provided by them.
I am happy to be contacted by email should you wish to further discuss any of the above.

Michelle Douglas

As parents we only want what is best for our children. When we decide to return to work, we face the challenge of finding a centre that can care, nurture and protect our children the way we have. Two years ago i returned to work and found the process of leaving my child very traumatic, I felt guilt from leaving my daughter at a young age. I then came to visit the team at Kellyville Ridge Long day care centre and was welcomed with smiling warm faces and a family like environment. The team made me feel comfortable, to come and visit and to call as many times as I wanted in order to make me feel secure that my daughter was safe and well looked after. My daughter has blossomed since coming to day care and enjoys her days full of art and craft, dress ups, computer time and playing in home corner.
The wonderful chief Maria, provides nutritious meals that my children love and she must put a little magic into them as my eldest daughter never ate dinner very well for me but always finishes her meal at day care.
I now have two children attending day care, as well as a niece, a nephew and as of next year two other relatives and i would recommended the centre to anyone who is looking for a fantastic family environment.

Salli Konz

My husband I would like to convey our sincere appreciation for all the care and nurturing given to our daughter over the past 3 years. Alayah came to pre-school a quite shy toddler and has grown into a confident young girl who is excited to move onto the next stage of life at primary school.
I have no doubt that the preschool program at Kellyville Ridge Pre School has more than prepared her for this next stage in life. This was evident at her orientation days at primary school as Alayah could speak confidently with teaching staff and could complete all the task given to her with ease.
The staff are a credit to the school and I have always found them to be caring and attentive employees.
We wish the school and its staff all the best for the future we will certainly miss seeing everyone during our transition to a new weekly routine.

Belinda Biehl

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Monday to Friday*
Rooms: 7:00am - 6:30pm
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